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Pharmacy practice in the home (non-hospital) setting in the USA

Caryn Dellamorte Bing
Fecha: Mayo 2018

Multi-faceted non-hospital pharmacy services in the USA can include home infusion, ambulatory care, community and specialty pharmacy, ambulatory infusion, clinic infusion, and long-term care pharmacy practice. Factors affecting how and where these services are provided include the following: payment and reimbursement methods; service and patient location (urban, rural); availability of service model (i.e. sterile compounding facilities); state-specific and Federal laws, regulations, and practice standards; and patient, caregiver, and practitioner experience with complex therapies outside the hospital. This monograph provides an overview of pharmacy practice and care management, clinical criteria and care planning, and compounding/dispensing considerations for common infusion therapies (nutrition, anti-infectives, inotropic, pain management, steroids, and biologicals) provided outside the hospital setting, most typically in the patients’ homes.